We make

learning fun

Choose us because learning English doesn’t have to be boring. Our philosophy is to make sure that our students enjoy their classes. It’s a fact that students learn best when they are having fun and are fully engaged in lessons. We use a range of teaching techniques to improve your English ability, including vocabulary and grammar games, competitions, debates and discussion to encourage our students to participate and use as much English as possible in the classroom.

Room 1 © TheHawksMoor.com

© TheHawksMoor.com

The best

prices in London

Choose us because we offer some of the lowest prices for English courses available in London! Compared with other language classes, we are highly competitive – just check out our prices here. We have some amazing offers available at the moment for a limited period only so don’t miss out these fantastic opportunities to improve your English and book a course today!



Choose us because our stunning location in the very centre of London means that you can learn within walking distance of London’s most famous landmarks. We are located a two minute walk away from the British museum and a short walk away from the world renowned landmarks such as Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery and Covent Garden. With some of London’s most vibrant bars, restaurants and shops situated so close to our classroom, our location is perfect for all of our students to enjoy this wonderful city.

Room 1 © TheHawksMoor.com

© TheHawksMoor.com

Small classes

max 12 people

Choose us because we can guarantee our students small classes with a maximum of 12 students per class!!! Many other language schools have large classes which we feel doesn’t provide a good platform for learning. We believe that the students learn English best in a small classroom environment where they get plenty of attention from one of our helpful and friendly teachers.

© TheHawksMoor.com

Very highly

qualified teachers

Choose us because our teachers are highly qualified and have years of experience teaching English, both here in London, and around the world. We are a very small teaching company which means that we can tailor our classes to your specific needs! Perhaps you find pronunciation difficult? Or some of the grammar quite challenging? Just tell your teacher and it will be included in one of the lessons that week!


approach to teaching

Choose us because we offer an extremely personal approach to teaching! First of all why not sign up for one of our free trial classes (we just need an e-mail address and for you to complete a quick online test to place you in the correct level). If, after the free class, you want to join us, one of our friendly and experienced teachers will meet you and talk to you about your goals and how you will achieve them. Every four weeks you will have a meeting to talk about your progress and a test to assess you. Certificates will be awarded to all students who attend our courses!

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