Influential English is happy to announce that we are now providing a fantastic essay correction service for students who want;

  1. To ensure that their documents are grammatically perfect.
  2. To make sure their language and vocabulary is used appropriately and changed to sound more formal.
  3. To make sure that their punctuation, spelling and paragraphing is correct.
  4. To increase the number of words in their document if it is short of the word limit.
  5. To have their essay proof read by one of our highly experienced English teachers and to ensure that it reads very well.

If you have any specific requests for us when correcting your essay or document please just write us a quick email stating what you would like us to do and we will do our best to help. Or alternatively you can call us on 07519361218.

How to pay – Once the document has been sent to: [email protected]  we will immediately send you a confirmation email, and a payment link based on how long your essay is and how quickly you would like it corrected. Once we have received payment your essay will be corrected within the time frame requested.


£30 per 1000 words – all essays will be corrected within 72 hours.

*£30 extra charge if essay needs to be corrected within 24 hours

*£45 extra charge if essay needs to be corrected within 12 hours

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