This online grammar course is the number 1 study tool for English language learners! It has been created by Influential English language school, based in central London, and is suitable for both adults and teenagers. There are 10 units in total, with each focusing on a different grammar point. The grammar topics included are: present simple, present continuous, past simple, past continuous, past perfect, modal verbs, auxiliary verbs, future forms, present perfect, present perfect continuous, gerunds & to infinitives, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd conditional, phrasal verbs and more!

Please click this link to watch a short explanation video, to help you navigate your way through the English grammar self-study course:

Instructional Video

What’s Included


When you enter each unit, there is an in-depth explanation of each grammar topic (1.5 hour online class video recording and a short-animated explanation video).

After watching the videos, there are revision notes to re-check the form of the grammar. Following this, you can practice using the grammar by completing the multiple-choice exercises and an end of unit test. Results from the practice questions and unit test are saved to your profile in the “quizzes tab” so you can check your answers and correct your mistakes. There are also reading, listening, writing, and speaking assignments which need to be uploaded to your profile (file library tab). These assignments allow you to put the grammar you have learnt into practice. The speaking and writing assignments are corrected by the highly qualified and experienced teachers from Influential English language school. They will give you written feedback on the areas you did well and what you can do to improve!

All your results are recorded, and you will receive an e-certificate from the school on full completion of the course! All of this for just £59 (limited time only)!

Begin your journey to improved English and job prospects with our self-study grammar guide for B1 (intermediate level) English learners.

Key Features
  • Animated grammar video explanations

  • Hours of online grammar class video recordings

  • Over 1000 practice exercises

  • Access to a range of English coursebooks

  • Grammar and vocabulary revision notes

  • Correction and feedback from our highly qualified English teachers for writing & speaking assignments

  • Reading and listening training modules

  • End of unit tests with progress charts to monitor progress

  • Certification on completion of the course

  • Affordable English course – now just £59 (reduced from £179)

  • Login and study at whatever time you like, for as long as you like

  • Grammar classes and animated video explanations can be watched repeatedly

  • Results are saved to your profile to monitor progress

  • Gives students a clear understanding of the rules of English

  • Perfect revision tool before an exam

  • Suitable for adults, teenagers and children hoping to reach a B1 (intermediate) level of English

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