[:en]Influential English is proud to present the young learners Summer Academy. We have worked hard to create the best package in London for teenagers and children who want to improve their English, experience London and get a real taste of British culture.

We believe that young learners learn best when in a 100% English speaking environment. We have highly qualified, young and most importantly, native speaking teachers. Our young learners will benefit hugely from our summer academy.

young learners require engaging and stimulating lessons to enjoy their classes, this is another aspect of our summer academy which makes us different from the rest. Too often children are bored in their classes and as a result do not learn effectively. Both our staff, and the courses, are tailor made to be as enjoyable as possible. Games, projects, presentations and of course prizes, are included in all of our courses and our energetic teachers will provide students with the dynamic personality to keep them engaged 100% of the time in class.

The English tuition doesn’t just end when class finishes. All of our activities are organised and led by native English speakers too and children are encouraged to participate in afternoon activities with other English children of their same age.

English doesn’t have to be boring. Our philosophy is to make sure that our young learners enjoy their classes. It’s a fact that students learn best when they are having fun and are fully engaged in lessons. We use a range of teaching techniques to improve your English ability, including vocabulary and grammar games, competitions, debates and discussi

on to encourage our students to participate and use as much English as possible in the classroom. All students will receive prizes, awards and certificates for their achievements throughout their summer course with us!

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