This is the most basic English course we do at Influential English. It is an English course for beginners who want to learn new vocabulary and grammar to speak and write English more fluently. It helps students in common situations like being in a restaurant or shop, as well as being on public transport and being at hotels.

Who is this course for?

This course is for new or beginner English speakers. It helps students to be more confident when speaking and listening in everyday situations and teaches the most fundamental parts of English grammar. Students learn new vocabulary to deal with everyday situations like visiting a restaurant, going shopping, and getting to know people. There is also an introduction to English phonetics so students can learn to pronounce words correctly


Students learn to speak in simple and everyday situations about things they know. They learn to listen and understand common English phrases and expressions when spoken clearly and slowly. Students learn to read short, basic texts on common topics they know, with high frequency vocabulary. Students learn to write personal information in simple phrases and sentences, and use common conjunctions, such as “and”, “but” and “because”.



The student can understand simple information and questions about the family, people, homes, work and hobbies but clearly connected to them. The can understand what people say in simple everyday conversation if spoken with a careful style- not rapid speech.


The student can ask people how they feel in different situations. They can ask and answer simple questions about a past event, they can make and accept invitations ,or refuse them too. They can make and accept apologies.


The student can understand short, simple texts containing familiar vocabulary including international words. They can find important information in adverts, info leaflets, webpages, catalogues, timetables etc.


The student can write a simple message, for example to make or change an invitation or appointment to meet someone. They can write a short message to friends to give personal information or ask them a question. They can complete a questionnaire with information about themselves.