General English Courses

Who is this course for?

This course is for students who are looking to improve their overall general English. You will be placed in a class with people of a similar language level as you and is available as a classroom-based course and an online course.  

Key Information

  • Perfect for students looking for a job or want to make friends in London

  • Want improved confidence and accuracy using English

  • Speaking, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary are the focus in this class (writing, listening & reading also included)

  • Certification for all students on completion of the course

What to expect

  • Cover all parts of language and speak more confidently in English

  • Mock job interviews and extra topics, such as business English, are incorporated into these lessons

  • Learn grammar and the structure of the language. When you know the rules, you will know for sure if what you are saying, or writing is correct

  • Listening skills are practiced helping you to understand different accents, talks, lectures, programmes, and conversations

  • A range of course books are used in class as well as many project-based lessons


  • Increase your grammar and vocabulary range to help you speak and write correctly

  • A wide range of motivating materials, including digital resources and coursebooks

  • Access to our online learning platform and a range of self-study materials

  • Regular targeted support from your teacher helps you to achieve your learning goals

  • Enjoy the class! Games, discussions and most importantly, fantastic teachers are provided to help you achieve your goals

  • Improved speaking fluency and confidence

  • The ability to write emails and documents without making mistakes

  • Understand a wide range of accents from around the world in English

  • An improved level of vocabulary to write and speak formally and accurately

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