Students learn to perform a number of communicative functions, including describing food and people, places and events, asking for or giving simple information about people, events and procedures, applying for a job, and reviewing a film.


Students learn to demonstrate their use of a range of grammatical structures, including past and present tenses, modals, first, second and third conditionals, and reported speech. Students learn to use grammar with fewer mistakes when speaking and writing


Students learn to speak confidently on familiar topics, and express their thoughts and opinions on more abstract, cultural topics such as films, books and music. Students learn to follow extended speech and lines of argument on a familiar topic. Students learn to read short texts and articles more independently. Students learn to write extended paragraphs linked with a range of common connecting phrases. They learn to write descriptions of their personal life and past experiences. They learn a variety of different types of writing including an informal letter, formal letter and CV, film review.



The student can understand the main points of standard speech on familiar every day subjects and can follow the main points of a discussion, and can understand limited technical information. The student can follow news items on TV with plenty of context provided.


The student can give descriptions on a limited variety of topics known to them. The can talk in detail about life experiences and can briefly explain opinions.


The student can understand the main points in straightforward texts on subjects of personal and professional interest. They can find and understand the information needed in brochures, leaflets and other short texts. They can understand the main points in short newspaper and magazine articles and can understand short emails about events, feelings and wishes.


The student can write short, comprehensible connected texts, can write simple texts about experiences and events and can write a short formal email asking for information or giving simple information.