Learning new languages requires extensive practice and dedication. That’s why we have created our own Online English Academy to enhance the learning experience and increase student interest and participation. We have developed a blended learning package which brings together cutting-edge web technologies and progressive educational approaches to ensure students remain fully engaged in their studies. We do this by taking the experience of learning beyond the classroom – giving students access to our e-learning platform, which has hours of extra study resources, to supplement their live classroom interactions with our excellent British teachers.

Features and Benefits of our Online English Academy

Dashboard with different calendar views

When students login into the Online Academy the first tab on the left is the dashboard where they can find a calendar with all lessons assigned showing the date of the class, the teacher, and course name. They can choose from different views which include monthly, weekly or daily views to ensure they can plan their study schedule carefully. 

Easy access to our Live Online virtual classroom

Our Virtual Classroom is an attractive alternative to a classroom environment. It provides an opportunity to learn and practice a language without being physically present at our school. This option works like a face-to-face webinar where you are able to interact with your teacher and other students in a synchronous and dynamic environment. The interactive whiteboard supports a drawing tool, allows the teachers to construct grammar diagrams, save snapshots and share documents in multiple tabs. Students can also be split into smaller groups so they can collaborate and practice individually. Features of our virtual classrooms are:

  • Fully interactive classes
  • Online whiteboard
  • Recordings of classes
  • Video and audio player
  • Screensharing
  • Chat
  • File sharing
  • Personal notes
  • Breakout rooms
  • Technical Support

Students can easily join their online classroom by clicking the lesson tab on the calendar, and then clicking the button “ENTER NOW”. Students won’t be able to enter unless the class has started and the “ENTER NOW” button should be red. The system will send automatic notifications to students via email and the calendar can also be integrated with Google or Outlook for regular reminders.

Recorded classrooms

In the ‘Virtual Classroom’ tab, students can find all the recordings of their classes and re-watch them as many times as they like for revision, or if they miss a class. This can be useful to help with homework tasks and to prepare for exams.

File Library

In the file library tab, students can upload their speaking and writing homework assignments – from which they can receive personalised feedback from their teacher. They are also able to access all teaching materials uploaded during the lessons by their teacher to help with self-study tasks.

My courses

On the “My Course” tab, students can find all of the courses they have joined as well as their start and finish dates. Once the assigned course has been clicked, students can find all necessary information and descriptions about the course, including functions, syllabus, and the course objectives.

On the “Course info” tab, students can find all course information, resources available for each unit of the course and the assigned teacher. Additionally, students can also find an explanation video about the courses and platform information in the attachments section at the end of the page.


On the “Syllabus” tab below “Course Info”, students can find the syllabus detailing what will be covered during the whole course. This also tells students which pages of their coursebook cover this topic so they can do some reading before and after class should they wish to.

E-books library

On the “E-books Library” tab, students can benefit from a wide range of course books selected by our experienced teachers which will be used during the course. These books will often be used for homeworks tasks and they an excellent opportunity for students to do some extra studying.

Unit Summary

All courses are divided into 10 or 12 units. Detailed information about each unit can be found in the “Unit Summary” tab with a wide range of grammar notes written by our teachers. These are often useful to read before class to prepare students for the topics in the upcoming units.

Grammar video library

In the “Grammar video library” tab, students can benefit from our animated grammar video library which explains all the main grammar points taught throughout the course. These are recorded by our British teachers and are excellent for checking understanding of a topic before or after it has been taught.

Practice exercises

In the “practice exercises” section, students have over 1000 exercises to complete related to grammar and vocabulary. These include, fill in the blank exercises, multiple choice questions as well as reading, writing, speaking and listening assignments.

Tests & Results

At the end of each exercise or test, students can see their results immediately with teacher feedback also possible. All the results are saved in the student’s account so they can see their progress or check their mistakes.


In the “Message ” tab, students can send messages to the teachers and to the other students in their course, attach files and receive reminders about the upcoming lessons.

Personal Account & Settings

In the “Account and settings ” tab, students can add their personal information, upload a profile picture, or change their login details such as their password.